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MyQBank: Study Questions for NP Students

Access MyQBank questions wherever you study, whenever you study. Questions are accessible on any device via the APEA app and the APEA website. Track your progress using a variety of settings within MyQBank.

Four Banks to Choose from:

MyQBank Assessment is a bank of study questions that develop the knowledge base and skills essential for the patient workup. The 800 questions and rationales lay the foundation for obtaining the patient history and chief complaint, performing the physical examination, and ordering diagnostic testing, and identifying disease presentation. NP students will find these practice questions essential for success in the early part of their NP program, as well as for clinical rotations.

MyQBank Pathophysiology provides 800 questions focused on the etiology and pathogenesis of commonly occurring conditions in all body systems. MyQBank Pathophysiology is the first and only question bank for NPs that is focused exclusively on pathophysiology. It contains hundreds of images and visual supports to assist in learning and retention. MyQBank Pathophysiology helps you:

  • Recognize normal system functioning
  • Distinguish abnormal functioning of disease states
  • Identify signs and symptoms of disease
  • Recognize differential and confirmed diagnoses
  • Prepare to develop treatment plans
  • Relate clinical manifestations to specific diseases
  • Set a foundation for critical thinking

MyQBank Pathophysiology is an excellent component of preparation for the APEA 3P Exam, and it is a foundational tool for clinical rotations, certification preparation, and patient care.

MyQBank Prescribing is the only NP-developed and NP-specific practice question bank to build pharmacology knowledge and prescribing skills! The MyQBank Prescribing question bank contains 800 study questions with rationales — all designed to prepare you to safely and effectively prescribe for a range of patient presentations.

MyQBank Management provides 800 study questions to fine-tune your skills in making diagnoses, generating differentials, developing plans of care, and evaluating treatment plans and outcomes. Work in the Management question bank to help ensure that you are ready to treat patients in clinical rotations and in practice. Detailed rationales help prepare you for the AANP and ANCC certification exams and clinical practice, and detailed performance reports show you how you are progressing.

Pricing for each bank:

  • 3 months: $64.95
  • 6 months: $99.95
  • 9 months: $129.95

*Note: Refunds are not available for MyQBank subscriptions or any other online/digital product sold by APEA.

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