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APEA provides a roadmap for success by providing a variety of exams, learning resources, and remediation tools to fit the needs of both students and faculty. Check out our products to find the ideal resources for your program and curriculum.



APEA offers three secure FNP and AGNP exam databases; the 3P Exam, Pre-Predictor Exam, and Predictor Exam. Each uses randomized, multiple choice questions tested and analyzed for reliability, validity, and predictability.

  • The 3P Exam tests in Pharmacotherapeutics, Pathophysiology, and Physical Assessment. A passing score of 67% or greater indicates clinical readiness.
  • The Peds Competency Exam tests competency in Pediatrics. A passing score of 61% or greater indicates pediatric readiness.
  • The Pre-Predictor Exam is administered at the beginning of the last semester, allowing students to remediate weaknesses in preparation for the University Predictor.
  • The University Predictor Exam is administered at the end of the last semester as preparation for the certification exam. A score of 70% or greater predicts success. APEA’s University Predictor Exam is considered a National Standardized Comprehensive Exit Exam and can be used as a tool for student and curriculum evaluation.
  • The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Predictor Exam is a high-stakes exam designed to assess a student’s pediatric knowledge. It can be used as an exit exam to determine a PNP student’s likelihood of success on the pediatric primary care certification exam. A score of 70% or greater predicts a high likelihood of success on the certification exam. 

Faculty Management System
  • Dashboard for viewing test status and results by student, cohort, and past test groups
  • Aggregated data that can be viewed from cohort to cohort and year to year
  • Allows for the assigning and activation of exams



APEA provides customized reports to our university customers.These reports can be utilized to meet CCNE Standard IV. They also allow faculty to compare cohort to cohort and correlate knowledge areas with testing domains in the University Predictor Exam.

Advantages and Benefits
  • Use APEA’s customized reports to assess, refine, enhance and develop
  • Promote continuous improvement and growth



  • MyQBank is available as three products: Assessment, Prescribing, Pathophysiology and Management and includes over 4,800 questions with rationales. These products can be utilized for student remediation or as an adjunct to faculty instruction. The Faculty Dashboard allows faculty to monitor and view students’ progress. 
  • The CE Center contains online video modules, which can be used as an adjunct to faculty teaching or as a remediation tool. Students can follow along with the included syllabus and test themselves with the two available sets of 100 practice questions.
    See Review Courses for more information

APEA Mobile App
  • Access APEA online resources on both iPhone and iPad
  • Browse free content, including video Pharm Bytes
  • Watch multimedia courses in the CE Center

Review Courses

Live lecture by Dr. Amelie Hollier


APEA offers excellent Review Courses in preparation for certification exams or faculty re-certification. Available in live, online, and audio formats.

Live: First attempt 99% pass rate on the certification exams
Online: Use as an adjunct to faculty teaching or as a remediation tool
Audio: Download on our APEA mobile app or purchase an MP3 player

Additional Information
  • Presented by Dr. Amelie Hollier
  • Guest appearances by Dr. Mimi Secor (Women’s Health)
  • Special discounts for Faculty and Student Groups

Clinical Tools


APEA provides numerous tools and resources that can be utilized in the classroom as well as in the clinical setting. 

  • Pharm in a Flash – Color coded by body system, brand and generic name, mechanism of action, and more. All the important information a student needs in handy index card size.
  • Topical Steroid Cards - Set of 3 cards: Includes colored diagram, dosage chart, and listing of topical steroids by potency, available quantity and vehicle.
  • Pediatric Dosing Cards - Spiral-bound set of six pocket sized cards arranged by class: penicillins, cephalosporins, macrolides, et cetera – with the correct dose by weight and concentrations.
  • Antibiotic Cards - Information displayed in an easy to use color coded format. Arranged by bugs, drugs and treatments. Learn and understand at the same time.
  • APEA's Guide to Billing and Coding - Spiral-bound set of 10 cards; helps you select the correct evaluation and management (E/M) codes used in primary care.
  • Building Blocks Flash Cards - Color coded by age and developmental task. From birth through age 21. 
  • Building Blocks Guide to Growth & Development - Spiral-bound set of 10 cards. Helps students learn and retain key information about pediatric growth and development.

Helpful Hints
  • Use CareOnPoint for an online and fully searchable resource
  • Laminate the Pharm in a Flash, then put on a binder ring for easy organization and sustained durability



Numerous books can be found in our Online Store. APEA’s best sellers are the Certification Practice Questions, 2016 Clinical Guidelines in Primary Care, and The Comprehensive Health History and Physical Examination. Utilize each throughout the program.

  • Certification Practice Questions - Released in 2017. Includes FNP and AGNP management questions with rationales. 
  • Clinical Guidelines in Primary Care – Released in 2018. The most current peer-reviewed Primary Care reference book on the market, Clinical Guidelines in Primary Care includes updated guidelines and pharmacology tables. Can be utilized as a textbook throughout the entire curriculum. APEA also offers CareOnPoint, the online version of Clinical Guidelines in Primary Care.
  • Comprehensive Health History and Physical Examination - The concise guide provides depth in each of the major sections of the subjective history, as well as, the comprehensive objective exam in a quick-reference outline format.

  • Fully searchable, online resource
  • Contains brilliant graphics and concise pharmacology tables
  • Constantly updated

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