• MyQBank Get Clinical Ready: Practice Questions for NP Students

      MyQBank Get Clinical Ready: Practice Questions for NP Students


      Think you're ready for your clinical rotations? Make certain you are! Purchase a subscription to MyQBank Get Clinical Ready for access to patient assessment AND pharmacology questions.

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      MyQBank Get Clinical Ready: NP Practice Questions

      Before you set foot into that first patient exam room, set the stage for success by subscribing to Get Clinical Ready, the question bank package that combines the power of MyQBank Assessment and MyQBank Prescribing. 

      MyQBank Get Clinical Ready is designed to prepare you for seeing patients throughout your clinical rotations. The assessment practice questions cover history taking, diagnostic testing and disease presentation, and the pharmacology practice questions cover pharmacology principles and safe, effective prescribing. Subscribe to MyQBank Get Clinical Ready today, and you'll feel prepared for the patient you'll see tomorrow!

      Access MyQBank wherever you study, whenever you study. Practice questions are accessible on any device via the APEA app and the APEA website. Track your progress in the question banks using a variety of settings within MyQBank.

      Want to know more? Check out our video describing the features and usefulness of MyQBank here.

      New! Try Before You Buy: Click here to see sample questions from the question banks.

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      *Please note that All Sales are Final on the following Clinical Resources products (including Bundles):

      Amelie's Antibiotic Cards
      Pediatric Dosage Cards
      Pharm in a Flash!
      Building Blocks Flash Cards
      Building Blocks Summary Sheets
      APEA’s Guide to Coding
      Topical Steroid Dispensing Cards


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