Pharmacology Question Bank: A First for NPs!


APEA Introduces Pharmacology Question Bank

During the transition from RN practice to NP practice, the acquisition of pharmacology knowledge and the development of prescribing skills can feel like formidable tasks. NP students and new NPs can build confidence in their prescribing skills by using MyQBank Pharmacology, the new question bank from Advanced Practice Education Associates (APEA).

MyQBank Pharmacology is the first and only question bank designed for NP prescribers. The bank contains more than 1,300 questions with detailed rationales that help users build and broaden knowledge in principles of pharmacology and mechanisms of drug action. Use of MyQBank Pharmacology will establish a firm foundation for safe prescribing in the treatment of disease processes throughout the lifespan.

The questions in MyQBank Pharmacology cover targeted pharmacology concepts including:
  • General pharmacology: prescribing practices, drug classes, brand and generic names, and pharmacoeconomics 
  • Pharmacokinetics: absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs and their relationship to the onset, duration, and intensity of drug effect
  • Pharmacodynamics: mechanism of action, drug receptors and receptor regulation, and concepts of drug-drug interactions
  • Therapeutics & Pharmacotherapeutics: applying pharmacological information to knowledge of disease, for the prevention and cure of disease
  • Toxicology: study of the adverse effects of drugs on the body, including symptoms, mechanisms, treatment and detection of side effects, and adverse reactions 
  • Clinical application: maximizing the effect of drug, minimizing adverse effects, drug delivery and monitoring, and use of evidence-based medicine.

Access to MyQBank Pharmacology is available only by subscription. Questions can be accessed and answered on a computer, tablet or cell phone via the APEA app or APEA website. Click here for pricing and further information.

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