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      Clinical Guidelines in Primary Care

      2016 copyright! Updated reference of clinical guidelines

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      Family and Adult-Gero Certification Practice Questions

      Purchase Your New Certification Questions Book NOW!

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      Clinical Assessment Bundle

      Five top-selling clinical assessment tools at a value with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING!

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      Advanced Health Assessment of Women

      Third Edition: Clinical Skills and Procedures;
      Comprehensive advanced text for the assessment of women's health for providers.

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      Clinician's Guide to Laboratory Medicine

      Pocket guide provides you with the tools necessary to tackle even the most challenging lab tests.

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      Comprehensive Health History & Physical Examination

      This pocket guide directs practitioners to master the art of a comprehensive health history and physical exam across the life span.

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      Essentials of Radiology

      Understand and apply the latest diagnostic imaging techniques with a completely updated text that mirrors today's most recent advances.

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      Fast Facts About the Gynecologic Exam Second Edition

      Step-by-step guide to the key points of conducting the GYN exam.

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      Instant Workups A Clinical Guide to Medicine 2nd Edition

      A quick and easy guide to developing accurate workups for the most common medical problems.

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      Instant Workups A Clinical Guide to Pediatrics

      A portable pocket resource and quick refresher that helps you develop and refine your diagnostic skills.

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      Office Orthopedics for Primary Care: Diagnosis

      Spells out exactly what to look for during the physical examination and in what sequence, giving providers the knowledge to make effective diagnoses.

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      Office Orthopedics for Primary Care: Treatment

      Provides proven how-to guidance for the management of 52 of the most common musculoskeletal disorders.

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      The APRN's Complete Guide to Prescribing Drug Therapy 2018

      Prescribing guide for nurse practitioners, physicians, advanced practice nurses, and other primary care providers.

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