MyQBank Patient Management Has Been Revised & Updated


  Advanced Practice Education Associates (APEA) has released a revised and updated version of MyQBank Patient Management. This popular study tool has been revamped to include recently revised clinical guidelines, diagnostic criteria and practice approaches. In addition, it features new supportive material presented as brilliant graphics and information-packed tables.

  The 2017 update to MyQBank Patient Management is a vital learning tool for NP students preparing to take board certification exams. Each question has been peer-reviewed and revised to reflect 2016 and 2017 changes in key areas such as diabetes management, cervical screening, lipid evaluation and treatment, and prescribing for pregnant women.
  Approximately two-thirds of the questions in MyQBank Patient Management now feature anatomical illustrations, explanatory tables, diagnostic reports and other imagery to provide comprehensive understanding of the material. The addition of these materials provides a valuable visual learning component that makes MyQBank Patient Management even more essential to success on certification exams.
How do existing subscribers get access to the revised and updated MyQBank Patient Management? It’s simple!
  • Existing subscribers can upgrade by simply sending an email to Include your name and the email address you used to start your subscription. Students who use a university subscription must coordinate the upgrade with their faculty.
  • Subscribers who decide to upgrade will be charged $25 to upgrade from their current version. Upgrading is optional.  If you have a subscription through your university, please contact your instructor.
  • An important note to existing subscribers: Your results history will be lost in the upgrade process.
  Ready to join the widespread ranks of NPs who have used by MyQBank Patient Management to prepare for the certification exams? New subscribers who purchase the product automatically receive access to the updated version! Visit to get started.

  To recap, the price of purchasing a new MyQBank Patient Management subscription has not changed, but upgrading a current subscription costs $25. Existing subscribers, mail today to gain access to the updated MyQBank Patient Management. Remember, your results history will be lost in the upgrade process. New subscribers, purchase access at 

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