New Exam Readiness Tool: The Predictor Exam Pack


Predictor Exam Pack: The New Readiness Tool From APEA

Advanced Practice Education Associates is proud to introduce a readiness tool for new NPs preparing to take the FNP and AGNP certification exams. The APEA Predictor Exam Pack features specially priced access to two predictor exams.*

Use the first to guide study planning and the second to assess readiness
for exam scheduling. 

The Predictor Exam Pack, or PEP, offers perfect practice test timing at the perfect price: $55. That’s a nearly 14% savings over purchasing the exams one at a time.

In addition to cost savings, the PEP provides a reasoned approach to taking the certification exam.

Results from the first predictor exam identify areas requiring more study, and results from the second exam identify whether you are ready to take the certification exam.

Identify strengths and weaknesses to help craft a study plan. After you schedule and complete the first predictor exam in your PEP, you can view the questions you missed and learn from their rationales. A detailed results page provides all the information you need to develop your study plan. 

Gauge exam readiness before you schedule a date. Schedule the second predictor exam in your Predictor Exam Pack when you feel confident that you are ready to take the exam.

The score you receive on the predictor exam is a reliable indicator of whether you will pass the exam.  

Every predictor exam generates 150 randomly selected questions designed to simulate the experience of taking a complete practice certification exam. Each exam is unique.

This product has high value and high impact! Help ensure certification success by putting a “PEP” in your exam preparation. Purchase a Predictor Exam Pack now! Learn more here.

*Note: Correct answers and rationales can only be viewed once, immediately after completing the exam and before viewing your results page or logging out of your current session.

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