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Use APEA’s Guide to Coding to Help Ensure Accuracy & Reimbursement

Accurate and specific coding is the lifeblood of successful practice. Whether you are in a rural health clinic, community clinic, self-employed or part of a group, the primary responsibility for preventing inaccurate or fraudulent coding and documentation is in your hands. You, the primary care provider, are responsible for employing precise and succinct documentation practices to support accurate and specific code selection.  

APEA Answers the Call
APEA is here to help. We have developed a printed handheld resource to help NPs navigate the intricacies of evaluation and management (E/M)
documentation and codes for E/M services provided in primary care. 

APEA’s Guide to Coding ($25) provides a succinct and focused guide to accurately selecting billing codes for the most common patient scenarios. NPs who provide exceptional care will use the cards to guide documentation of services, assuring medical necessity and accurate diagnosis—and ultimately the selection of appropriate codes to ensure maximum reimbursement.

Compact Graduated Design
APEA’s Guide to Coding uses an innovative compact design to provide the most relevant coding information in an easy-to-carry size and an easy-to-understand format. The card set features 20 pages (10 two-sided cards) printed on durable, thick cardstock. The pages are graduated in size for easy turning. Each page is labeled to guide the user to the appropriate coding card and associated information.

Coding Considerations
APEA’s Guide to Coding outlines the coding process for new patients and established patients and details documentation considerations for the following:
• chief complaint
• history of present illness
• review of systems
• past, family, and social histories
• the physical examination with focused elements
• complexities of medical decision making
• ICD-10 and general rules of documentation
• time-based billing
• special setting of service billing
• preventive services.

Vital Tool
APEA’s Guide to Coding is a vital reimbursement tool for the primary care practice setting. Follow the simple steps on the card to meet the statutes and regulatory criteria for provision of services and to receive accurate and timely payment. Order yours today!

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